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Simon Pringle

Simon Pringle

Simon has demonstrated success through strong sales results. Delivering sharp negotiation through clear, strong communication is a key attribute developed after a long career in high end sales and marketing. Simon’s high level of professionalism and work ethic equips him for the fast paced and competitive environment of real estate sales & marketing. His growing knowledge of the industry, strong sense of client & customer satisfaction and proven sales results will show Simon as the clear – fresh choice. Selling property with integrity & honesty are choices not rules.

Simon Pringle has enjoyed wide success in Brisbane’s Inner Western suburbs throughout and ongoing in his real estate career.

After a long career in high-end sales marketing, Simon has developed a strong work ethic and clear communication, allowing him to move and keep ahead in the fast-paced and ever competitive environment of real estate sales.

Planned, strategic marketing is only a small part of the process when selling a property. Simon is dedicated to finding the right buyer for your property. An understanding of what the home has to offer, piecing together the lifestyle offering and delivering just that through the chosen marketing process is a successful sale made.

He believes that selling property with integrity and honesty are conscious choices, not rules. Clients are for life, not the transaction.

When choosing Simon as your representative, his exceptional negotiation skills and steadfast character, are what's needed when turning For Sale into Sold !

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Simon Pringle

Real Estate Sales Person

3/996 Waterworks Road
The Gap