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Scott Rumble

"What I love about the sale, is not so much the transaction itself, but what that allows my clients to do, that really drives me..."

Scott Rumble

Scott grew up in a family where renovating properties for profit was a part of day to day life. Utilising this experience and knowledge, Scott is accustomed to analysing projects to highlight the pros and cons of each element.

“It quickly became apparent that selling a property has the ability to maximize your profits, but if not handled correctly also has the ability to destroy all the time, effort and money you have invested. When it comes to selling there are no second bites at the cherry”

Scott’s love for property and the real estate industry is apparent, but it’s his training and dedication to providing the best possible outcome for his clients that has lead to his success.

“It’s widely known the key to all good relationships is communication. Nowhere else is this more apparent than when you are entrusted with a clients largest financial asset. This is why I have formal training in negotiation and marketing. Both these forms of communication create the foundation of a first class result for my clients. Selling property is not a one size fits all exercise. It’s about perfecting all methods of sale. It’s about providing all the information to a client so they can make a fully informed decision with clarity and confidence.”

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Scott Rumble

Real Estate Sales Person

PO Box 547 Alderley Qld 4051
562 Samford Road
Mitchelton, Brisbane

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