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Sally Millard

"I see my job as an easy one, just to provide a wonderful environment for my team to work in..."

Sally Millard - Business Owner - Rental Management Solutions

For over 10 years Sally Millard has worked alongside her husband, Martin Millard in the real estate industry. Together they have grown the Harcourts Solutions Group into a well-known brand in Brisbane. Sally’s focus has been on developing the Property Management arm of the group since 2010.


Sally has been part of the growth from 0 properties to over 1000 under management in that time. With the implementation of a unique team structure within the Property Management business seen an increase in productivity and efficiencies of all the Property Mangers.


The old adage, “if you want something done - ask a busy person” applies to Sally. Being a mother of 4 and running a business certainly keeps Sally hopping. Sally has worked hard to create a wonderful environment for her team to thrive in, she is not afraid to get on the tools herself to help in any part of the business and beleives that "Culture is Everything!". 

Sally Millard

Business Owner – Property Management

PO Box 547 Alderley Qld 4051
562 Samford Road
Mitchelton, Brisbane