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Martin Millard

"I would expect all my team to be the person today that they would hope their children grow up to be."

Martin Millard - Managing Director - Harcourts Solutions Group

“Everyone who comes in contact with our organisation must be more successful for that interaction. We are committed to helping people achieve their dreams and goals. This starts with the success of our team.


Companies don’t succeed, people do and that is why we focus on the success of each and every member of the Harcourts Solutions Team. I like to think we’ve tipped the corporate triangle on its head, putting our team members at the top, our leadership group in the middle and myself at the bottom. This reminds me every day that I am here in service to the people that choose to work with me; it’s an honour that they make that choice every day.”   Martin Millard


Passion, energy and discipline are the characteristics that continue to define the growth of the Harcourts Solutions Group and words that capture the essence of Martin Millard, Founder and Managing Director. Having grown the business into one of Harcourts most successful franchises with a focus on team support, training and mentorship, Martin’s philosophy of working for and with his staff as opposed to the more traditional method is proving a winning formula as the team continues to excel and as a result sharing great success with their clients.


Proud father of Emily, Felicity, Olivia and Patrick and devoted husband to wife Sally, Martin is a benchmark in balancing a busy workplace and an even busier home and sporting life. Martin’s external interests are varied from being an avid reader, oenophile and complete sport addict for Arsenal, and the Brisbane  City Football Club. When he can’t be found at work, taxiing the kids or watching the football he will be out riding with his mates from The University of Queensland Cycling Club discussing the Kids, Real Estate, Wine and Football.



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What others say about Martin

An Outstanding Human

Martin is the consummate real estate professional, an outstanding leader, but most importantly, an outstanding human being. He cares deeply about those around him, is passionate about life and has a strong moral compass. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him in any capacity!  Mike Green - Managing Director Harcourts International



Lifting the Bar

“Lifting the Bar” in Real Estate is Martin's wish for his business; and each member of his team.
His dedication to each individual team member and the length he will go to, to help us is extraordinary. He will often say to one of us when there is an issue “just be honest, tell the truth and take responsibility”. His strong family values infiltrate all aspects of his life and business.
Real Estate can be challenging at times, however with a Principle and dedicated leader as Martin is, I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else.
For the 9+ years that I have known him, he has always been passionate, enthusiastic and a bit quirky. Harcourts business philosophy “Clients for life” could be his own mantra.  Bronwyn Hughes - Harcourts Solutions - Mitchelton



He has helped me become a better person

Working with Martin has literally changed my life.
Martins unique style of leadership, mentoring and training exceeds anything I have ever experienced in the workplace. Not only has Martin helped me grow professionally, he has helped me become a better person and for that I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend joining Martin Millard and the team at Harcourts Solutions.  Ben Knight - Harcourts Solutions - The Gap


Martin Millard

Managing Director

PO Box 547 Alderley Qld 4051
562 Samford Road
Mitchelton, Brisbane

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