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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Looking For A Career In Real Estate?

Harcourts Solutions are seeking enthusiastic, high energy, success driven people to join our rapidly growing and successful real estate group. 

Harcourts offer extensive corporate training as well as career advancement opportunities.  If you want to succeed in sales call Martin Millard today on 0413 757 571 or send resume to martin.millard@harcourts.com.au.

At Harcourts Solutions we are always looking to recruit talented and ambitious people with a commitment to the real estate sales process.

* Current Harcourts Solutions staff think that "team players" and people with a professional attitude that are prepared to do the hard yards are those that will succeed and do well in the real estate industry.

Staff Testimonials

As a former independent business owner what has impressed me since joining the Harcourts Solutions Team is the friendly support network available to everyone. If you are an experienced agent you can rest assured that you will not be micro managed, however, support will be available when you need it.  Employees new to the industry can avail themselves of as much training as they deem necessary to feel confident when they are facing their challenges. The size and success of Harcourts Solutions has opened many doors in relation to buying power.These opportunities ensure that you can save your Clients money, yet provide the best marketing and promotional packages. 

I am delighted with the change from business owner to employee. It is a pleasure to recommend Harcourts Solutions to anyone looking to join a positive, proactive, progressive and friendly organisation who are generous and supportive to all their staff.

Sandra Ivins


I have been with Martin, Sally and Harcourts Team since I started my career many years ago. As local resident of inner North I sought out other agencies before finally meeting with Martin Millard. We instantly connected on important issues both work and non-work related. Our shared passion for customer service and satisfaction and not just chasing the dollar was the point at which I knew I had to be part of this team. I would thoroughly recommend Harcourts Solutions team as unlike many other offices the camaraderie amongst the agents and general good will is a joy and a bonus in any work place.

Chris Stutz


It is great to work for such a wonderful business and for such a wonderful business owner. Martin is not only personally supportive, motivating and accommodating as a director, he is also ridiculously clever – assisting us to continually “think outside of the box”. His intellect reflects the smart business practices he has in place. He never gets complacent and ensures that we too, never accept complacency in our business. He is always involved with each one of us to assist with our personal and professional development. I really love working for a business owner that not only wants his business to succeed, but also each of us individually.  Martin has allowed me to develop into my own agent without pressure or unrealistic expectations. I appreciate all that he has done for me – not only professionally, but personally. He is a great man and a great business owner.

This has helped me change the way I have approached my business. The systems implemented, have not only helped me with time management but have actually tripled my income in a very short amount of time. With a strategic approach to business - it is refreshing. 

I can honestly say that working for Harcourts Solutions, I feel like I’m not only part of a business – I’m a member of the family. I have been overwhelmed with the support of my colleagues. As we all know, there are circumstances that can arise during your career where you need to take unexpected time off.  Through these times, I have had unwavering support in covering my workload without hesitation. Not to mention, I have always been too scared to take time off due to the fear that my work will suffer as a result. I have never had to worry about that in this business. Everyone helps each other to ensure that we never sink or fail. We thrive on each other’s’ success.  I feel that there is never one point of call for advice – the whole team has assisted me at some point whether be through negotiations, client conversations, listing presentations and/or prospecting. The team do not believe in a “every man for themselves” attitude which I not only appreciate; I absolutely love.  As one of the more junior agents of the team, the love, support, help and guidance from the senior agents has been wonderful. No one is ever “too busy” to assist. That’s what makes a great team.

Jess Boyd

Harcourts as an umbrella organisation have four key values:


People First


Doing the Right Thing

Being Courageous

Fun & Laughter.

The management team at Harcourts Solutions aspire to always put these values first, both in working with our Clients and their team members. I joined the Harcourts Solutions business at the end of 2012 after a number of years in the industry and have thrived under the mentorship of business owner and sales manager, Martin Millard. A man who doesn’t seek the spotlight for himself but spends every day working on ways to help his team become more successful. Success to Martin isn't simply about his agents bringing in the most sales transactions - it is about teaching us how to set the right goals for both our work and our life and working with us daily to reach these goals - whether it is to be the top Real Estate Agent in an area or to manage our work timetable around our lives to develop a great work/life balance.

The success of the Solutions team over the past 3 years, achieving the number one office in Queensland award 3 years in a row, is a true indicator of this success, as team members thrive and reach higher in work environments where they feel secure, challenged, and part of a common goal.

I'm incredibly pleased to be a member of such a great team.

Bridget Gabites


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart Martin, for the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Harcourts Solutions family at Mitchelton. I have never before felt more welcome or supported in a place of employment. You have an amazing team of inspiring professionals that I am dearly grateful to work with every day. To wake up looking forward to coming to work is a gift I never thought possible so I thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity.


Jackie Perryer


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